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AWC in the spotlight at Australian Geographic Society Awards

29 Oct. 2018
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The achievements of Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) are in the spotlight again this week, with former Chief Executive, Atticus Fleming, winning a Lifetime of Conservation Award at the annual Australian Geographic Society award ceremony in Sydney today. The awards are the Society’s highest honours in the fields of adventure and conservation.

In 2002, Atticus was appointed as AWC’s inaugural Chief Executive by our founder, the late Martin Copley AM. Together, Martin and Atticus oversaw the growth of the organisation from its base in Western Australia to become the largest private owner of land for conservation in the world, protecting endangered wildlife across more than 4.65 million hectares in iconic regions such as the Kimberley, Cape York, Lake Eyre and the Top End.

Atticus paid tribute to Martin whose vision and support provided the basis for AWC’s practical, science-based approach to conservation. AWC is now the custodian of some of the largest remaining populations of Australia’s most endangered species, like the Bilby, the Numbat, the Bridled Nailtail Wallaby and the Gouldian Finch.

Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were guests of honour at this prestigious Australian Geographic Society event. Prince Harry is an adventurer and passionate conservationist. He is also leading the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) Project which aims to create a network of forest conservation projects linking all 53 countries in the Commonwealth.  AWC’s Dakalanta Wildlife Sanctuary is included in the QCC.

The Royal Family has a long history of involvement and interest in the environment and conservation. As our Patron from 2013-2018, His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, was the first Royal to highlight and promote the globally significant efforts of AWC to halt and reverse the tide of extinctions in Australia.

As AWC supporters, we hope you feel proud of the outstanding progress AWC has made over the last 16 years. Today AWC is playing a pivotal role in generating exceptional ecological returns across the continent and catalysing change in the delivery of conservation on the ground.  For example, across Australia, AWC operates at a scale that is unparalleled in the conservation sector, including:

  • The largest non-government fire management program in Australia.
  • The largest feral animal control programs in Australia.
  • The largest biodiversity survey program in Australia.

As part of the AWC family, you are helping AWC to change the way conservation is delivered in Australia, providing new hope (and better outcomes) for Australia’s threatened wildlife and habitats.


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