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Generous support secures expansion of Curramore Wildlife Sanctuary

14 Jan. 2021
© Brad Leue/AWC

Thanks to generous and inspiring support for the Curramore Matching Challenge, we are pleased to confirm we have surpassed our goal to raise $550,000 (raising $566,476) and can now expand this very special sanctuary.


Green Catbird Geoff Jones Image © Geoff Jones/Barra imaging
Curramore is a hotspot for wildlife. More than 160 bird species have been recorded on the property. Image: Green Catbird, Ailuroedus crassirostris.


The 26.1-hectare land acquisition at Curramore will:

  • Facilitate the delivery of AWC’s priority conservation actions by connecting Curramore to the road and providing the team with permanent access to the sanctuary.
  • Support conservation across the entire Maleny Plateau by increasing connectivity between Curramore and adjacent protected areas, including Maleny National Park.
  • Increase volunteering and visitation opportunities.
  • Provide further protection for the headwaters of Little Cedar Creek and its threatened wildlife, like the endangered Maleny Spiny Crayfish, Euastacus urospinosus.


Curramore challenge 600px wide
The land acquisition will increase AWC’s footprint in the Blackall Ranges by a further 15% and strengthen Curramore’s ability to act as a wildlife corridor for the Maleny Plateau.


This support means AWC can more effectively implement our three priority conservation actions at this biodiversity hotspot:

  1. Large-scale weed control
  2. Effective fire management
  3. Long-term monitoring of ecological health

Systematic weed control, particularly lantana removal, has already restored 70 hectares of native ecosystems and now this important work can continue more efficiently across the property.


Page Feature Image Curramore Wayne Lawler Wayne Lawler/AWC
Curramore is a showcase for systematic weed control. AWC staff and volunteers have removed 45% of lantana from the sanctuary providing vital habitat for threatened wildlife.


This is great news for the 15 threatened animal and plant species found at Curramore and for the Koalas, Subtropical Antechinus, Red-necked Wallabies, rare Golden-tipped bats and endangered Richmond Birdwing Butterflies, to name just a few, that find refuge here.


Curramore Donor Event © Wayne Lawler/AWC
Curramore’s expansion will increase possibilities for visitors to experience the sanctuary’s biodiversity, like the Red-necked Wallabies that find refuge here.


We are very grateful to our two generous benefactors who put forward the matching gift, and to all our wonderful supporters who rose to their matching challenge.

It is only through direct support that this project to expand Curramore has been made possible.

On behalf of the whole team at AWC, we say thank you to our generous supporters.

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