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Guy Fergusson joins Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Board of Directors

27 Oct. 2021

Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) is proud to announce that Guy Fergusson has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Fergusson is currently the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Grant Samuel and brings AWC over 20 years of investment banking experience.

Fergusson is Co-CEO of Grant Samuel and Co-Head of the Capital Advisory team. Throughout his career he has advised on a wide range of corporate advisory transactions spanning public and private company situations across a broad range of sectors. Fergusson has also worked on capital raisings across the capital spectrum including IPOs, equity placements and hybrids and the full range of debt financings, across bank and bond markets, domestically and internationally.


Guy Fergusson, the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Grant Samuel, joins Australian Wildlife Conservancy's Board of Directors
Guy Fergusson, the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Grant Samuel, joins Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Board of Directors


Fergusson grew up on a cattle and sheep property in Central West NSW and has a passion for the conservation of animals and the sustainability of their natural environments.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy is grateful for the continued support from Fergusson and the Grant Samuel team which also generously provides office space and business support services for AWC’s Sydney team. Grant Samuel founder, Ross Grant, has been a Director at AWC since 2005.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy CEO, Tim Allard, said: “Guy’s passion and commitment to AWC has already made a significant impact and we are looking forward to him playing an even stronger role moving forward.”

“Innovative finance mechanisms and impactful corporate partnerships will be a keystone to effective conservation in the future,” Allard said. “If we are to truly conserve Australian native animals and their habitats, we need to build scale and that will require investment. We welcome Guy to the team and look forward to working with him on building new financial models to secure our success.”

Fergusson’s appointment became effective September 30, 2021 and he is enthused to help make a difference to conservation in Australia.

“My wife and I have been strong supporters of AWC for the last 12 years and we have been continually impressed by its practical, science-based approach,” Fergusson said. “The whole team from land managers to ecologists and fundraisers are deeply committed and its track record in conserving species and protecting land is critical to our country’s future.”

“I look forward to doing what I can to help AWC achieve its mission to effectively conserve all Australian animal species and the habitats in which they live.”

To learn more about Guy Fergusson and Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s Board of Directors, click here.

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