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Rising to the 2020 challenge

27 Mar. 2020
© Brad Leue/AWC

2020 is off to a challenging start, but our hard work and progress continues in the field.

Despite drought, fire, floods and a pandemic, we remain committed to building upon the incredible achievements of 2019, made possible by our generous supporters.



Paving the way for an ambitious 2020, some truly incredible milestones were achieved in 2019 for Australia’s wildlife and habitat:

The scale of our activities over the past 12 months demonstrates the positive impact donations are making in the field.

Looking forward, we are focused on achieving more fantastic outcomes in 2020 – despite the enormous challenges we all face at this time.

We will continue to run Australia’s largest (non-government) feral animal control, field science and fire management programs as priorities.

With our 2020 burn plans now complete, AWC land managers and Indigenous partners have already started prescribed burning in northern Australia, aiming to minimise destructive wildfire across more than 7 million hectares.

2020 will also see our network of fenced feral-free refuges expand.

Plans are underway to construct a feral-free refuge in north Queensland to protect Northern Bettongs, while a 13.8 hectare fenced area has been constructed to protect endangered Kangaroo Island Dunnarts in partnership with Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife and the Doube family.

Thank you for your support.

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