Visiting Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary

© Wayne Lawler/AWC
Kalamurina 2010 © Wayne Lawler/AWC

Reasons to visit

Kalamurina captures a large and ecologically significant area of the Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre catchment. The Warburton Creek, with its origins in the Channel Country of Queensland, meanders through Kalamurina, converging with the Macumba River and Kallakoopah Creek before flowing into Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre.

Spanning over 140 kilometres from east to west, Kalamurina features vast, spectacular dunefields, a network of freshwater and saline lakes, riparian and floodplain habitats and small gibber plains. It provides refuge for a diversity of desert wildlife including the Crest-tailed Mulgara (Ampurta), the Dusky Hopping Mouse, and the Eyrean Grasswren.

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Booking Your Visit

Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary is currently only open to pre-booked tours. Please contact Outback Spirit directly for tour dates.

Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary can be visited on an Outback Spirit tour between April and October. You can find more information at

Outback Spirit are valuable partners of AWC, supporting conservation across our network of sanctuaries. The Outback Spirit visit includes an interpretive walk with an AWC staff member.


Kalamurina 2010 © Wayne Lawler/AWC

Accommodation & Facilities

Please note that the camping sites are closed until further notice. For more information please contact Luke and Annemarie on 08 8675 8310 or email

© Wayne Lawler/AWC